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AMS Bowfishing Bow Juice Complete Bow Kit 15-50lb Right Hand 610 AMS Retriever & Tidal Wave Rest B605-JCE-RH

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Item Number: AMS-60510
Manufacturer: AMS Bowfishing
Manufacturer Part No: 645756605101
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Juice Complete Bow Kit 15-50lb Right Hand 610 AMS Retriever & Tidal Wave Rest B605-JCE-RH

Get The Juice™ by AMS Bowfishing® and Quest Archery! Good things come in small packages and The Juice™ is no exception! This short stack of a bow is blazing bright and just a spunky, fun bow to shoot! With the complete Juice™ package, this setup is tough to beat! This bow has exclusive features all its own!

Smooth Draw and Simple to Adjust
The Juice™ is as smooth drawing and as lightweight as they come and really packs a punch! It offers a 15–50 pound draw weight and a 17½"–30" draw length. It even allows adjustment of draw length without a bow press in ½” increments! This bow also offers 60–80% let-off so you can wait for the perfect shot.

Dual Muck Buster™ Line Pullers
Limb bolt line pullers…What? You bet! These handy, patent pending, Muck Busters™ assist in the quick, easy retrieval of arrows stuck in the weeds, mud or muck, without cutting your hands! Simply wrap the line around one of the Muck Busters™ and pull back with the bow to get your arrow!

The Juice™ Bow Kit Includes:
1 - B600-JCE Juice™ Bow
1 - 610 AMS Retriever® TNT Reel with Orange Accents and 35 Yards of 350 Pound Braided Spectra Line
1 - A203-ORG Orange Scale Pattern, Infused Fiberglass Arrow with Chaos® Point and Cyclone® Tip
1 - M152 AMS Tidal Wave® Arrow Rest
1 - M171-ORG String Things®

Bow Specification
Draw Weight: 15–50 pounds
Draw Length: 17½"–30"
Axle to Axle: 29¼"
Brace Height: 7½"
Weight: Just over 3¼ pounds
Approximate Let-off: 60% to 80%
String Length: 53"
Power Cable Length: 32¾"