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Duel Game Calls Deer Rut Pack II Doubleback Grunt & Micro Heat Bleat Call Mossy Oak D005M

Price: $39.99
Item Number: DUE-05229
Manufacturer: Duel Game Calls
Manufacturer Part No: 745167052294
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Rut Pack II Mossy Oak

Bucks tend to communicate with just a few different sounds. A low, drawn out challenge will let other bucks know they're in for a fight. The short, staccato tending grunt tells a doe he's interested.


  • Doubleback Grunt Call
  • Micro Heat Bleat
Micro Heat Bleat Call
  • Compact design takes up little room
  • Ridged mouthpiece is easy to hold in your lips (keeping your hands free to draw); clip the lanyard to your chest pocket and hold the call in the corner of your mouth for hands free calling. When it's time to draw your bow, just let the call fall.
  • Lanyard with alligator clip attaches anywhere (not a loop to go over your neck), for reduced movement
  • FreezeFree design – there’s nothing worse than a call that freezes up when you need it most!

Doubleback Grunt Call

  • Adjustable sound
  • 7 different positions on the soundboard - from fawn to mature buck
  • Exhale on one end to throw sound far - inhale on the other for subtle, quiet calls
  • Large, dual resonating chamber for the most authentic and deepest grunts
  • Includes spring lanyard