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Evolved Habitats Acorn Frenzy 2pk 12lbs

Price: $28.99
Item Number: 2XEH-20608
Manufacturer: Evolved Habitats
Manufacturer Part No: 786541206087
Two Pack 6lb Bags for a total of 12lbs!
Acorn Frenzy is full of rich nutrients that deer need. Every year deer are driven to acorns by a need to add fat reserves after the rut to sustain them through the long winter months. By supplementing the natural supply of acorns with Acorn Frenzy, you can boost the available nutrients for your deer as well as attract and hold more bucks on your land. Acorn Frenzy, the nutrageous attractant that gives you the edge!
Ground Feeding – Pour out in 2” deep strips using 2 to 3 lbs per site. Pour between the base fingers of oak trees to create a natural feeder or apply directly to the ground under the tree canopy.
Trough Feeding – Pour directly into the trough or mix together with regular feeds to increase the attraction and consumption of feed.
Automatic Feeders – Use as a feed topper. Sprinkle in or mix with feed evenly to prevent clogging. Recommended Rate - 2 lbs per 200 lbs of feed.
Since Acorn Frenzy has a concentrated nutrient content, daily consumption should be limited to 1 lb per head per day, or provided on a free choice basis for wild deer.