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ScentLok Full Season Taktix Jacket True Timber 83515-080

Price: $139.99
Manufacturer: ScentLok Technologies

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ScentLok Full Season Taktix Jacket
Proven scent control plus NEW NeverWet technology. Full-season Hunting Clothing that doesn't just keep you keeps you dry, too! ScentLok's innovative NeverWet technology is a super-hydrophobic fabric treatment that repels water and heavy oils like nothing we've ever seen. Water beads up and rolls right off! So you stay dry, cool, comfortable...even in the rain. But that's just one of the reasons that Full Season TAKTIX Hunt Wear is some of the best yet. The Jacket features a couple of nice touches that really make it awesome. First and foremost, ScentLok added a concealed carry chest pocket that hides a carry pistol in easy reach. That's a huge plus. They also beefed up high-wear areas -- namely the shoulders and tail. A safety harness opening rounds out the package, making wearing your harness more comfortable. And we haven't even gotten to the outstanding scent-control tech yet. Carbon Alloy: the ultimate in scent control.

Carbon Alloy is a combination of three advanced technologies that cover more ground than any other scent control:
1. Activated carbon. Activated Carbon molecules are covered with millions and millions of pores and crevices that draw in (or adsorb) and hold odor molecules, like a dry sponge draws in water. Activated carbon is the main component of Carbon Alloy, and adsorbs a huge spectrum of odors.
2. Treated carbon. Treated carbon works the same way as activated carbon, but targets the sulfur compounds commonly found in human foot and underarm odors. So while activated carbon adsorbs a wide swath of different odors, treated carbon takes aim at a few human-specific odors that are more likely to alert deer to your presence.
3. Zeolite. Zeolite's highly porous structure enables it target smaller odor molecules than carbon can on its own. Zeolite isn't a primary adsorbent, but when combined with activated carbon and treated carbon, it helps extend the odor control spectrum further than ever before. It's the most effective scent Cover.