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Cuddeback CuddeLink Long Range IR Game Camera 4 Pack Silver Series J-1415 11438

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Item Number: CUD-01143
Manufacturer: Cuddeback
Manufacturer Part No: 700868011438
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CuddeLink Long Range IR J-1415 (Silver Series) 4 Pack

CuddeLink is a wireless network of cameras that transmit images to a single camera. The image collection camera is the HOME camera, and the transmitting cameras are the REMOTE cameras. Remote cameras can be deployed over hundreds or thousands of acres and their images will be transmitted to the HOME camera. Instead of checking multiple cameras to retrieve images, you only need to check one.
-Images from 16 cameras retrieved from 1 camera

Cuddlink Built In

CuddeLink camera-to-camera network built in. No additional equipment to buy. This camera can be a Home, Remote, or Repeater.

Legendary 1/4 Second Trigger Speed
Captures fast moving animals. Captures the deer that lesser cameras miss.

20 MP HD Images
Advanced low-light sensor with 20 MP mode provides crisp images day and night. Select full size or HD wide format.

Long Range IR
24 high power 850 nm LEDs along with high-end image sensor for ultimate IR illumination.

Camera Delays
Camera delays from about 1 second to 1 hour.

Recovery Time
Recovers within 1 to 2 seconds, before before some cameras have even taken their first picture.

Burst Mode
Select to trigger multiple images per event. Set 1 thru 5.

Video Mode
Select 10, 20 or 30 second videos with or without an accompaying still image. In cuddLink mode videos are disabled.

Time Lapse Mode
Select 10 second to 24 hours. Can be used in conjunction with motion-sensed images.

Seperate Day & Night Settings
All settings (Camera Delay, Burst Mode, Video and Time Lapse) can be set for day and night independently.

Genius Mount
Cable lock compatable, Genius mount included. Optional Pan & Tilt and Post mount sold seperatly.

Image Data
Printed on image: date, time, moon phase, flash mode, user programmed camera name.

SD Card 9not included)
Uses SD and SDHC up to 32GB

(12 AA Batteries Not Include)

Warranty Tracker
No receipt required to validate Cuddeback's warranty.

5.2.1 Warranty
1 year standard warranty. 2 years with online registration. 5 year reduced cost replacement.