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Montana Decoy Company Miss Muley Deer 48"x50"

Price: $94.99
Item Number: Montana00065
Manufacturer: Montana Decoy Company
Manufacturer Part No: 851234000652
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Miss Muley Deer 48"x50"

Miss Muley is the most portable full-sized mule deer decoy on the planet. You won’t even notice it’s there until you need it to get closer to your next trophy. 

Product Description

The secret of many successful mule deer hunters is using a decoy to stalk bucks or lure them into bow range. It just makes sense. For that reason, Montana Decoy has created a one designed for the avid mule deer hunter. In stalking situations, the life-size body of this decoy gives you cover when there isn’t much. Its realistic pose will grab the attention of rutting mule deer bucks and offer a distraction as you take a shot.

Like every decoy we create, the photo-realistic body pops open in the blink of an eye and folds down tight to the size of a dinner plate.

Product Information

30 oz. (including pole)
14” x 15”
40” x 38”